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St. Bega’s Way Back

A 50 Mile Walk From Bassenthwaite To St Bees

Rosalinde Downing


The booklet St. Bega’s Way – A Short Long-Distance Walk was published in 2008 as a guide to a three day 36 mile route from the Priory Church of St Mary and St Bega at St Bees on the west Cumbrian coast to St Bega’s Church by Bassenthwaite Lake.

St Bega’s Way Back was conceived as a sequel for guide walkers, on a different route, back from Bassenthwaite to St Bees. This second walk at 50 miles, set out in five day stages, is longer and a bit tougher than St Bega’s Way, and uses less well-trodden paths through less frequented terrain.

If you have successfully completed St Bega’s Way, you will be well-prepared to ‘raise your game’ and take on the greater challenge.

Planned, researched and written by Ros Downing and illustrated with delightful pen and ink drawings by Eileen Bell.


Bassenthwaite District Church Council



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black & white etchings

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