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Hadrian’s Coastal Route

Ravenglass to Bowness on Solway

Clifford Jones


Hadrian’s Wall, running from Wallsend to Bowness, is a much visited attraction and an iconic landmark with over 200 years of serious research behind it.

The Western Frontier of the Wall has had barely 70, but through the efforts of a small band of archaeologists and the Hadrian’s Wall Heritage Trust Ltd, this is gradually changing. The frontier route followed in this guide, running from Ravenglass to Bowness on Solway, is punctuated by Roman forts, the visible remains of a frontier of watchtowers, mileforts and manned bases. This fully illustrated guide, including the bright color section characteristic of the towpath guides, has information on the flora and fauna en route, places to stay, eat and drink, the local history of towns along the way and a number of maps.Structured in a clearly broken up manner so that what would be a ten-day continuous walk is in manageable daily/half-day chunks, this guide will be of interest to walkers, tourists, amateur historians and archaeologists and those interested in local history.The author’s depth of research means the guide offers a new route and does not adhere to the present Sustran’s Hadrianic cycle way (route 72) or Cumbrian coastal way.





Publication Date:

2008 March





Colour & black & white photographs