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Hadrian’s Wall

Archaeological Walking Guide

Clifford Jones


The Roman frontier of Hadrian’s Wall is an ever-popular destination for both walkers and those interested in the Roman remains. In this guide, the walker is taken on an archaeological adventure to both the well-known sites and the many forgotten places, just as important as the iconic forts and milecastles.

The author provides the walker the opportunity to contribute to the research and leads the walker into understanding the landscape not just as a dramatic piece of scenery but a living vibrant entity. The author offers a living vibrant, complex landscape with added mud!

Clifford Jones is an archaeologist, lecturer and author. He started digging at the age of nine with Sir Mortimer Wheeler as a mentor! Clifford came to public attention with his excavation at Muncaster Castle in 2002 (BBC Manchester special) and Gosforth Hall in 2005 (Granada Television programme ‘Viking’) in which he found and excavated a tenth-century Viking hall. He is an acknowledged expert on Roman frontier infrastructure, and has conducted extensive research of Hadrian’s Wall. He lives in Cumbria.


History Press



Publication Date:

2012 June


Paperback 234 x 156mm




Black and white photographs with a section of colour photographs.