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From Crawley to Carlisle

A trawl around League Two

Chris Upfield


From Crawley to Carlisle: A Trawl Around League Two invites readers to join the author, Chris Upfield, and the friends and family who accompany him to far-flung places in the pursuit of football happiness in this semi-autobiographical experience of the life of a lower league football supporter.

Chris writes a sardonic and often hilarious examination of modern football culture, from the players, supporters and songs to the grounds and lower-league hospitality. The reader can experience the nostalgia of flashbacks to the 60s, 70s and 80s from ice cream soda to subbuteo, and laugh at the writer’s middle aged frustrations at the vagaries of everything from train journeys to motorway gantries. In addition to this, the reader is taken to cities of culture like York, Oxford and Cambridge and the less celebrated Carlisle, Mansfield and Crawley. Alongside this football theme, Chris also gives his own observations of modern life more generally. Inspired by Louis de Bernieres and Bill Bryson, From Crawley to Carlisle: A Trawl Around League Two takes football away days as its theme and will appeal to football fans.The book is also a compendium of the author’s quirky imagination upon modern culture, and the things which trigger those thoughts along the way. It will suit readers of autobiographical and observational works with a similar cynical sense of humour and a passing interest in football.





Publication Date:

2017 February


Paperback; 137 x 216mm



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