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The Smaller Lakes and Tarns of Lakeland

The Landscapes of Cumbria No. 6

Alan Smith


The last book in this series on ‘The Landscapes of Cumbria’ was devoted to ‘The Big Lakes’. It is now time in this companion volume to turn to all of the other smaller sheets of water in the Lakeland landscape. The small lakes, the mountain and lowland tarns and the picturesque small meres, pools and ponds are just as important a part of this unique landscape as the larger lakes.

This is a book about the smaller lakes and tarns as part of the landscape. It is an attempt to look at them as landforms; to understand their origins and to explain how they have come to be as they are. It describes the geological settings, the processes that created these features and the ways they have been evolving and changing.


Rigg Side Publications



Publication Date:

2014 September


Paperback; 210mm x 148mm




Colour photographs and illustrations throughout

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