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Mines of the West Pennines

British Mining No 91

Sam Murphy, Richard Smith


Lead mining in the West Pennine escarpment has been documented since medieval times, although widespread, lead production has been generally lower than in the areas further east in Upper Teesdale or on Alston Moor.

The mines covered here are almost all lead mines, together with some very small copper mines. Some coal pits have been referenced where they occur in lead mining areas but no attempt has been made to cover these in detail. Some iron mining has also been carried out in the north of the area but this has been poorly documented. Iron smelting and refining sites occur in the area and have been researched by Marshal and Davies-shiel. Many of the lead mines were worked for barytes either by mining or by working the spoil heaps and this has been covered, although in lesser detail. At the foot of the escarpment there are several gypsum mines but these are, again, outside the scope of this monograph and have been described in books published by Ian Tyler.


Northern Mine Research Society



Publication Date:

2011 May




Black & white photographs and diagrams

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