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Nature Reconstructed

Roger Polley, John Woodman


The photographs and essays in Nature Reconstructed celebrate a 20 year collaboration between the photographic and film artists Roger Polley and John Woodman. Working with nature, landscape and the environment through projects and commissions, they explore change, transformation and chance involving the elements earth, fire, air and water.
Nature Reconstructed depicts how the artists have made use of innovative and experimental approaches in their work with nature through an exploration of the photograph and the moving image. Their work is usually presented in both grid like sequences and in montaged formats or in multi-screen film projections and installations.
”What we learn from these photographic artists is that achieving a relationship with nature is both a science and an art, beyond mere knowledge and mere feeling alone. Nature reforms itself all the time so that the photograph we take in five minutes is always going to be different from the photograph we take now. The artists use devises that capture this organic process in a way that gives the viewer many more moments in time than we conventionally expect from a photograph” Charles Mitchell
Further information about the Roger Polley and John Woodman’s collaborative artwork and publications can be found through the following links to John Woodman’s website:


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Hardback; 250 x 210mm