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Strangelove Place

David Thompson


“Ok, so Janie didn’t die – I’ll give you that…”

A spell-binding tale, inspired by the Orpheus myth and set in contemporary London, that will transport the reader to an occult world of inexplicable death, conspiracy theory and impossible music.

All Stephen Anthony Floyd wants from life is to make music and spend time with his girlfriend Janie and his friends on St Ragnulf’s Place. But, with the appearance of a mysterious motorcycle messenger and a number of increasingly bizarre events, Stephen finds his life turned upside down and his perception of what is real and what is not severely challenged. His world revolves itself into a number of important questions that need to be answered, such as why his next-door neighbour has (literally) exploded; who is the despatch rider who seems to be stalking him; what are the Blood of the Lamb up to; how can Valhalla Rag Records possibly exist; and, perhaps most critically, will Janie ever speak to him again?

A quirky and magical blend of Haruki Murakami, Nick Hornby and Neil Gaiman, Strangelove Place is a funny, moving, surreal, and metaphysical tale about love, loss and a strange world that exists parallel to ours and of which we are not usually aware.


Romba Press



Publication Date:

2021 October


Paperback; 198 x 128mm



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