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Slash And Burn

Matt Hilton


Joe Hunter is enjoying some much needed r&r when a young woman approaches him to help find her missing sister.

Kate Piers knows about Joe from her dead brother Jake, Hunter’s former comrade in arms, and for that reason alone he feels obliged to help. The fact that Kate is very attractive doesn’t hurt. Together they go to Imogen’s Kentucky home where they are immediately attacked by a bunch of thugs, acting on behalf of local businessman Robert Huffman. Huffman is outwardly respectable but the psychotic twins he uses as his enforcers give the game away: he has links to organised crime and a deadly reputation with a blade. Huffman is also looking for Imogen, and kidnaps Kate to act as bait. Looks like Joe is in trouble again …
Carlisle local author.





Publication Date:

2010 July




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