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The Waiting Hillside

Martin Malone


Debut collection of poems from Appleby based poet Martin Malone.

‘The Waiting Hillside’ is a paean to time and memory; a collection haunted by the ghosts of undead moments that walk the here-and-now of our everyday lives. From the emotional panorama of the opening poem, ‘At Uffington’, an arc is traced through masculinity. love and family history rendered through the physical and emotional landscapes inhabitated by the poems. Time and again, throughout this collection, ‘we rejoin the moment;/driving deep the flint of it into/ the chalky quick’ of modern times. Martin Malone charts frankly the journeys made with unreliable maps that constitute the emotionally layered complexities of 21st century life and relationships.


Templar Poetry



Publication Date:

2011 November


Paperback. 197 x 130mm.



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