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Nobody’s Hero

M. W. Craven


  • PLEASE NOTE Nobody’s Hero will be published on October 10th, 2024 ( Yes 2024!)
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Following on from the success of Fearless, the first of a new series of books featuring Ben Koenig, comes the second – Nobody’s Hero!

The murder of two London pickpockets sets off a chain of events with global repercussions.

The reappearance of a woman thought long dead results in a safe in Langley being opened for the first time in ten years. Inside there is a letter. On it is written, ‘The Acacia Avenue Protocol has been initiated.’ Four names are listed underneath. Three of the people on the list are dead. The fourth name is Ben Koenig.

Koenig doesn’t know why he’s on the list and he doesn’t know what the Acacia Avenue Protocol is. But he does know the woman who has reappeared. One of the bravest women Koenig has ever met, ten years ago he was asked by a senior intelligence officer to help her fake her own death. Koenig didn’t ask why she had to die but he knows one thing for sure: if she’s resurfaced then something is very wrong.
From the windswept cities of northern England to a remote Scottish airfield, from New York to Nevada, Koenig will follow a trail of death and destruction as he uncovers the horrific protocol. Along the way he’ll have run ins with a cabal of corrupt cops known as the East Coast Sweeney, a ruthless mercenary, and a contract killer with a bizarre phobia.

But Koenig will keep going. He has no choice. Because someone has initiated the Acacia Avenue Protocol and if Koenig can’t stop it, the world will never be the same again . . .






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‎ 9781408717608

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