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A Hatful of Crows

Ian Davidson


‘A Hatful of Crows’ is the much anticipated follow-up to Dynamiting Niagara, by Lakeland author Ian Davidson. The first book looked at Mr Davidson growing up in Broughton Mills after the Second World War.It followed his eccentric attempts to establish himself in the area during the sixties, when the simple pattern of rural life was altered forever by the advent of electricity, television, cheap transport and the pill.

Hatful of Crows takes up the story roughly 10 years after the first book when the principal characters, older if not wiser, face up to life’s changes. The narrator bows to the force of his father’s warning: “Remember, boy, you’ll have to grow up some time”.

In part one the narrator accepts the responsibility of his first proper job while still keeping company with the riotous friends of his student days.
Part two describes the pitfalls and temptations of bachelor life which result in shame and disgrace.
Part three, A New Leaf, details a period of redemption by the love of a good woman, while the final part shows him adjusting to life with a growing family and a stunted income, but eventually achieving his heart’s desire.





Publication Date:

2007 July





Black & white photographs & line drawings