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Rails Across Carlisle

Steven and JeffDavidson


Carlisle – as a railway centre prior to 1963 had some 40 miles of freight sidings. 36 miles were in its old yards which potentially could have held nearly 10,000 B.R 16 ton mineral wagons. And after 1962 Carlisle had the largest new marshalling yard in the UK at Kingmoor which was sorting 24-29,000 wagons per week.

This book aims to give the reader a much more extensive study of what the Carlisle line layout was like in the B.R years prior to the 25 K.V electrification. With most views illustrating it, dating from 1958 – Spring 1973 along with steam loco action early diesel workings are covered, also all loco sheds. However in seeking a different approach to the usual content seen in previous Carlisle railway publications, the Citadel station site is avoided.


Amadeus Press



Publication Date:

2018 March


Paperback; 295 x 240mm




Black and white illustrations throughout

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