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Edward 1 at Carlisle-King and Parliament in 1307

Henry Summerson


Edward 1 stayed in Carlisle for over three months in 1307, which proved to be the last year in the life of one of medieval England’s greatest kings.

The rich variety of sources used in this book illuminate his visit from several directions.
They show Edward as a ruler, holding his parliament in the castle and directing military operations against Robert the Bruce. They shed light on his piety through his regular distribution of alms and the remarkable collection of relics which accompanied him, and also on his relations with members of his family. They reveal that he was surrounded by trappings of great wealth, suggesting that the financial problems quoted at the end of his life have been over-stated. They also demonstrate the impact made on the citizens of Carlisle by the presence of the Royal Court and its members demands for food and drink, transport and housing.





Publication Date:

2011 October





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