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Shadows from the Heights

The Photography of John Park Taylor

Bill Birkett, Deborah Walsh


This book has been produced in memory of John Parker Taylor, a quiet, self-effacing man who took remarkable photographs.

J.P. Taylor’s photographic work, which continued from the mid-1920s until the late 1930s, might perhaps be described as a combination of honesty, humour and gentle playfulness. As the American photographer Robert Frank put it, “There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.” As a reflection on the Lake District, they are a personal record of a quieter, more meditative time, by a photographer who understood the fugitive quality of light in the mountains and “shadows from the heights”. They are photographs which suggest colour to the imagination rather than to the eye and the resulting images have an almost indefinably subtle and memorable quality.


The Armitt Museum



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Paperback; 210 x 148mm


Black and white photographs throughout

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