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Proud Northern Lady

Martin Holmes


Anne Clifford died in 1676, full of years and honours, ‘the great wise woman’ of Bishop Rainbow’s funeral oration. This is the impressive portrait of a powerful personality. She lives on, in Martin Holmes’ remarkable biography, in Craven, where she was born; in Kent, where she was mistress of Knole; in Wiltshire, where she saw the rebuilding of Wilton under Inigo Jones; and, most of all, in Westmoreland where, in her several ancestral castles, she spent her indomitable old age.

Born in 1590, daughter of Queen Elizabeth’s Champion, the Earl of Cumberland, she had been in succession Countess of Dorset and of Pembroke; but, in an age when women were merely their husband’s obedient chattels, she remained steadfastly herself and her father’s daughter. She defied King James, she defied Cromwell, and survived them and her husbands to leave an indelible mark and memory in the places and among the people who knew her.


The History Press



Publication Date:

2012 November


Paperback; 215 x 138mm.




12 black and white illustrations.

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