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Rainy Days in the Lake District

Jean Patefield


The Lake District is the most beautiful corner of England. Its picturesque patchwork of lakes, valleys, woodlands and mountains make it one of the premier places in Britain to enjoy the great outdoors. Unfortunately, the beautiful landscape is nurtured by the highest rainfall in the country.

Choose the wrong week and experiencing the great outdoors can be more of an endurance test than a pleasure. What to do on holiday when the cloud level is at 100 feet, the lakes are grey and sullen and the views are only dimly hinted at through a veil of persistent drizzle? Carry on regardless and get thoroughly wet or patronise the numerous attractions and spend a fortune? Rainy Days in the Lakes offers a solution to this problem with over twenty suggestions of free and interesting things to do in the Lake District in less than perfect weather.


Sigma Press



Publication Date:

2015 June


Paperback; 210mm x 147mm




Black and white illustrations throughout