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Hayton Coulthard

One Hundred Years of Haulage

John W Henderson


Hayton Coulthard- One Hundred Years of Haulage is a record of a remarkable family and its dedication to drive forward a business through five separate generations, each with a contemporary attitude to progress. From a humble motorcycle and sidecar in 1916, right through to the technically complex 44-tonne articulated combinations of today, the Coulthards have witnessed an extraordinary amount of progress. One thing that has changed little though is the family’s ability to deliver bespoke road transport solutions for a wide variety of customers.

The book is also record of people who thrive on challenges, whilst still retaining a genuine interest and involvement with their employees, clients and suppliers. Certain threads run strongly through this transport tale, which stretches over two separate centuries. Magnificent examples of innovation, commitment and enthusiasm appear at regular intervals, alongside a constant entrepreneurial spirit that refreshes and redirects a business as times change. The local community has always been a high priority throughout the company’s ten decades in existence and the village of Twynholm has always been the location of headquarters and home.

Hayton Coulthard’s business strapline of Delivering Winners does not just apply to its transport aspirations though, as talented individuals from four generations of the Coulthard family have also made their mark in separate motorsport disciplines. Few Scottish road haulage companies have to date, celebrated one hundred years in business. Hayton Coulthard Transport has done so in style, through war and peace, good times and bad.


Hayton Coulthard Transport Ltd



Publication Date:

2016 June


Hardback; 210 x 271mm




Colour photographs throughout