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The Carlisle Millenium Project

Excavations in Carlisle 1998-2001 Vol 1 : Stratigraphy


From 1997 to 2001, works associated with Carlisle City Council’s Gateway City (Millenium) Project on Castle Way and Castle Gardens provided an important opportunity to conduct a programme of archaeological excavations on the site of the Roman fort at Carlisle, and to examine the development of part of the medieval castle, which occupies most of the fort site.

Five main areas were investigated prior to the construction of the Castle Way (Irish Gate) footbridge and the Millenium Gallery and underpass, in what was the largest archaeological excavation undertaken in Carlisle since the early 1980s.
This Monograph presents the detailed stratigraphic narrative, describing site development from the pre-Roman to post-medieval periods. The site is placed in the wider context, and a discussion is presented of the importance of the data for advancing understanding of the history and development of Carlisle, and of the wider region. A second volume discusses the artefactual and ecofactual data, and provides an overview of the significance of the material. Much of the detailed project data have been compiled into a third, digital, volume; this takes the form of a DVD accompanying the second book.


Oxford Archaeology North



Publication Date:

2010 April


304mm x 216mm hardback




Black & white photographs and drawings