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Telling it Like it Was Volume Two

Dent, Sedburgh and district in living memory

Anthea Boulton, Veronica Whymant


Volume 2 in the series about Dent, Sedburgh and district.

Praise for Volume 1 of ‘Telling it Like it Was’

This delightfully crafted book has been culled from the memories of mor ethan 100 people who lived in Dentdale, Sedburgh and Garsdale, whose experiences stretch back to the beginning of the 20th century. Oral history is a very labour intensive and challenging exercise which requires a delicacy of touch and a steely determination from those who undertake it. These qualities are very apparent in those who produced this volume. Andrea Boulton and Veronica Whymant had a clear objective which was to convey the sights, sounds and feelings of contributors themselves, undistorted by outsiders’ curiosity or abstract historical interpretation. ‘Telling it Like it Was’ is a record for local people by local people.


Dales Historical Monographs



Publication Date:

2021 November


Paperback; 240 x 170mm

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