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Hadrian’s Wall 2009-2019

Rob Collins, Matthew Symmonds


The last decade has seen remarkable discoveries along Hadrian’s Wall. Excavations and survey have overturned long-held beliefs and set new questions for the future. Such advantages are invigorating longstanding debate about the nature of life in the shadow of the Wall.

This summary of research reviews the evidence for when and why the Wall was constructed, the nature of the relationship between military garrisons and local farmers, and the changes underway in the twilight of Roman Britain, among many other subjects. It contains contributions by leading archaeologists describing the results of their work, and has been compiled to accompany the Pilgrimage of Hadrian’s Wall, a tour of the monument first held in 1849. The contents will appeal to anyone visiting or studying this remarkable relic of Roman military might.





Publication Date:

2019 July


Hardback; 215 x 151mm