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The Crosby Garrett Helmet

David J. Breeze


The discovery of a Roman sports helmet at Crosby Garrett, Cumbria, in 2010 aroused considerable public interest. The helmet, after conservation and restoration, was sold at auction for over £2m.

Subsequent field work and excavation demonstrated that the helmet had been buried in a farm of the Romano-British period. Two coins of the 330s together with contemporary pottery indicate the date when the settlement was occupies. The deposition of the helmet at this place was confirmed through analysis of surviving metal fragments. The helmet itself is a unique type of ‘sports’ helmet worn at Roman military exercises and dates to the 3rd century AD. In this book, David Breeze brings together the results of the field work and excavation along with discussions of the helmet and its significance and an account of its discovery.





Publication Date:

2018 September




Colour photographs throughout

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