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Cumbria: The Story Of The Landscape

David Wilcock


Cumbria is renowned for the dramatic beauty of its landscape, celebrated in a diverse and abundant output of creative, world-famous, writing. The county also holds a significant place in the history of global efforts to protect beautiful landscapes. Cumbria: The Story Of A Landscape is aimed at readers who want a broad overview of how the county’s landscape has evolved over time. It begins with accounts of its geological and glacial history and concludes with discussion of the effects on landscape of post-1945 UK and European Union policies. Throughout, it focuses on the interactions between change in the natural environment on the one hand and change induced by evolving agricultural and industrial technology and methods of land management on the other. Such interactions lie at the heart of how Cumbria’s landscape has evolved in the recent past, is still evolving today, and will continue to evolve in the future.



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Paperback; 210 x 150mm



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