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Four Seasons On a Westmorland Farm



This is Andrea Meanwell’s eagerly anticipated new book and follows a year through the seasons in the life of the animals, people and countryside of a Westmorland farm. Her first two books A Native Breed and In My Boots told the story of how she began farming in the Lake District. She has also written a story Lakelanders imagining the lives of Lakeland farmers in times gone by. This new book continues the story to her family’s new farm at the foot of the Howgill Fells in Westmorland.

Her first books have been well reviewed by local and national press as well as by readers. The new book includes excellent photographs and lyrical writing about life on a farm with its hardships and joys. A reviewer wrote about an earlier book: “Beautiful, emotive and thought-provoking… without once hiding the practicalities and perils of small scale hill farming. A heart-warming story of the courage and perseverance needed by everyone involved in farming.” While Cumbria Life magazine said: “Andrea… has won respect for the way she approaches her job, growing her own hay to feed the animals year round and choosing local and heritage breeds.”


Hayloft Publishing



Publication Date:

2019 November


Paperback; 180 x 120mm




Colour photographs throughout

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