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Cumbrian Wildlife Garden

Richard Little


Richard Little was a pioneer of the wildlife garden.

Twenty years ago he planted his garden in Cumwhinton, on the outskirts of Carlisle, to encourage and support the native birds, insects and other creatures. Today, in this small garden, native and ornamental trees overhang ponds where newts, frogs and toads thrive; and flycatchers, wrens, tits, finches, thrushes and other birds nest in the trees and bushes. A colourful variety of butterflies, moths and other insects complete the natural microcosm.
Richard’s diary is an enthusiastic account of the failure and successes, the difficulties and pleasures he met in building this unique world.
Richard was an experienced naturalist and an authority on moths and butterflies. His diary was a regular feature in ‘The Cumberland News’ over many years.





Publication Date:

2009 November


Black & white drawings



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