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The Man Who Couldn’t Stop Drawing

The Extraordinary Life of Percy Kelly

Chris Wadsworth


Drawing is as natural as walking. A piece of charcoal or chalk is like an extension of my forefinger.

After his death in 1993, Chris Wadsworth brought his life’s work back to his native Cumberland and has been his champion, building his reputation from nothing. In the last 18 years she has gathered information from many sources, built it up piece by piece like a jigsaw and now is ready to tell the story of the extraordinary life of Percy Kelly which began in a terrace house in Workington, Cumbria, through Cornwall and Brittany to a derelict house in Pembrokeshire and a cottage in the backwoods of Norfolk. On that journey he discussed art with the Prime Minister Winston Churchill during air raids, shook hands with the King, George V1, at the National Gallery and dined with members of the Royal family. He corresponded with some of the highest in the land and ended up lonely and confused in a cottage in Norfolk surrounded by his beloved collection of work.


The Studio



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248mm x 232mm Hardback




Over179 colour and BW