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More Sawn-Off Tales

David Gaffney


In stories that are laugh out loud funny, cringingly weird and desperately sad, Gaffney introduces the possibility of momentary actions that change everything.

Relationships begin, stutter, then crash to earth, each mundane transaction peeling away the everyday to reveal a canyon of emotion. Gaffney’s characters are awkward, often disconnected, yet they are also profoundly sympathetic. With great empathy and generosity he reveals the idiosyncrasies, vulnerability, yearning, and twisted systems that governs our lives. In “More Sawn-off Tales” David Gaffney creates a deliriously lonely, yet lovely universe where strangers hand you their watch and an estranged couple try to communicate through paint colour. An expert miniaturist with the ability to stuff an elephant inside a flea without the insect noticing, Gaffney is like David Shrigley meets Curb Your Enthusiasm.





Publication Date:

2013 May


Hardback; 178 x 110mm.