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The Richmond Papers

Sam Simpson


As Federal troops close in, Confederate President Jefferson Davis orders Colonel Pierre Le Jeune to take secret documents and gold bullion to London for safekeeping. The documents contain a stunning historical truth which threatens the very existence of the United States. Le Jeune, aided by British envoy James Steele, leaves Richmond on a perilous journey south.

One hundred and fifty years later, a family history project into James Steele’s Civil War journey, undertaken by his descendant Tom Mackay and his American girlfriend Sally Purcell, spirals out of control with lethal consequences.

As Tom and Sally follow clues in the hunt for the Richmond Papers and the bullion, they are threatened by the FBI and treasure hunters. Their search leads them to Florida, Nassau, Liverpool, Scotland, New Zealand and London before culminating in the Oval Office of the White House.


Sam Simpson



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Paperback; 216 x 140mm



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