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Lawyers of Lugvalio

Clive Ashman


Wanting the quiet life in a wicked world, the advocate Justinus practices the law of Wills & Estates from the walled safety of Eboracum, his clients mostly dead.

But once work and funds run-out, bad debts and beneficiaries start chasing him, then it’s his senior clerk Tiro who finds a solution. In the shape of his wealthy new client – the lady Lydia Firma – who seems like the answer to his problems, when she’s only the start of his next. And an even better reason for them getting out of town…

Nine arduous days on the road with Lydia and her entourage that bring them – not without cost – before the Walls of Lugh.

To the frontier city of Lugvalio and Britannia’s wild west, where Justinus must confront Lydia’s notorious father, Marcus C. Firmus, in a court case more testing and terrifying than any known before.

For Justinus or Lydia, Firmus or Tiro – this bitter courtroom battle will prove the trial of their lives.


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