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It Is Solved by Walking

Helen Weston


Maggie Frost is an English teacher in Cumbria working on a production of The Winter’s Tale when she receives an urgent summons to go to her godmother’s house in East Oxford.

She knows nothing of the reason for the summons except that it is something that can’t wait. When she gets there, her godmother Dodo has gone, leaving only a strangely cryptic journal to explain what she meant to say.

As Maggie struggles to decode the journal, she begins to realise that it is some obscure kind of therapy that is being described, illustrated by enigmatic drawings. The more she reads the more she begins to see a painful secret unfolding, and the drawings assume a symbolic significance for her too, as she confronts what she has subconsciously always known about her own past…


Helen Weston



Publication Date:

2018 December


Paperback; 128 x 204mm




Some black and white illustrations