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Diary of an Ordinary Schoolgirl

Margaret Forster


In 1954 in Carlisle lived an ordinary 15-year-old schoolgirl called Margaret. She would go on to become an acclaimed writer, the author of the novels Georgy Girl and Diary of an Ordinary Woman as well as biographies and memoirs. But this is her diary from that year; her life. Hers might be a lost world, but her daily observations bring it back in vivid, irresistible detail.

“23 February Results rolling in! Algebra, 6th = 74%. Not bad. Latin = 55% Thrilled! History top = 85% smashing! Geography, disgusting, 2nd = 67%.
7 May Wonderful feat accomplished yesterday by Roger Bannister! At last, the 4 minute mile. Glad an Englishman got it before anyone else.
24 July Bought a pair of shorts – white, very short with two pockets. Super but rather daring!
2 September Mum’s coming back on Saturday. Miss her every minute! I’ll never marry and have a family — housekeeping for two for a week is bad enough — but for life!”





Publication Date:

2017 December




Some black and white photographs