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Public Sculpture of Lancashire and Cumbria



Public Sculpture of Lancashire and Cumbria provides much needed attention to the best public sculpture and monuments in these north-west counties. The author highlights works of art that are in need of restoration or protection by local authorities and other owners.The art works included are mostly in urban areas however some are tucked away on moors and hilltops, and can be reached by a modest walk, and are thus less familiar. Many entries are accompanied by original photographs, often showing details of the craftsmanship.

This book highlights the brilliant work of local sculptors, including several women, who have been neglected over the years and were suppressed by the usual dominance of craftsmen from London and the south east. Their biographies appear at the end of the book.Locations of the public sculpture are given and each dedicated entry provides a description and the measurements of the sculpture; records its inscriptions and its condition; the reason for its commemoration; the chief advocate and process of the commission; its sources of funding and cost; the choice of artist and source of the materials; the relationship between the artist and the architect; the name of the bronze founder or builder; the historical and political context; and the date and details of the unveiling ceremony.


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