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What is Your Problem?

Comedy's little ray of sleet grapples with life's major dilemmas

Jack Dee


Too often today the emphasis in psychotherapy is on providing clients with a metaphoricalhug when what they so clearly need is good slap, so Jack Dee took the matter into his own hands and whilst everyone else was baking bread and clearing out their cupboards during lockdown, he retrained online as a psychotherapist. After an incredibly gruelling four hours of study, he got his certificate of completion from The Ruislip College of Advansed Learning (sic). So, with his training in hand, he’s been expertly helping people with their problems ever since.

What is Your Problem? is a compilation of readers’ varied problems, be they about relationships, finances, nosey neighbours, coping with Christmas, teenagers or Mike from the accounts department, and Jack’s very unique and very professional advice. What is Your Problem? is a book to turn to when life has taken a downward turn, or you just need a very good laugh.





Publication Date:

2021 October 28


Hardback; 240 x 156mm




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