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Way Back

Cox, Sara


Signed copies available while stocks last
The book is hand signed to the title page

Josie’s life is fine. Absolutely, completely fine. Nice husband, brilliant best friend, a gorgeous kid at uni.

The big house of her dreams on its leafy London street is a lifetime away from the Lancashire farm of her childhood. So what if her mother is tricky, and James isn’t in love with Josie any more, and maybe she’s not in love with him either? It’s great to have time to herself now Chloe’s flown the nest… isn’t it? This is the life Josie never believed possible. The life she needed when her heart was breaking as a child, when her mum wasn’t coping and Josie had to grow up too fast.

So why this feeling, nibbling away at the edges of Josie’s thoughts? The sense that she has lost something. That she has lost herself. If Josie is to truly live, she must now take back the reins and confront her future.

And to find her way ahead, she needs to go back – way back. To the place where it all began.


Hodder & Stoughton



Publication Date:



Hardback; 242 x 163mm



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