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One Of Our Ministers Is Missing

Alan Johnson


Signed bookplated copies available while stocks last!

A government minister in the Foreign Office has vanished into thin air. On holiday in Crete, Lord Bellingham had been solo trekking in the White Mountains when he mysteriously disappeared. After a vast search and rescue operation, the local police have no leads, save for a mobile phone discarded on a cliff edge.

Assistant Commissioner Louise Mangan of the Met Police is sent to assist in the investigation but soon discovers that there are more layers to this case than the local police realise. Lady Bellingham is less than forthcoming, the family nanny is hiding something, and a scandal is brewing back in London that could destroy the minister’s reputation for good. Under pressure from the powers that be, can Louise find the missing minister, or will she discover something much more sinister at play?



Headline Publishing Group



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Hardback; 240 x 156mm




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