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Lawrence Of Arabia

Ranulph Fiennes


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The authoritative, illuminating biography of T. E. Lawrence from “The World’s Greatest Living Explorer” Ranulph Fiennes.

Thomas Edward Lawrence first set foot on the hot sands of Arabia in 1909. By 1918 there was a GBP20,000 price on his head. His journey to this point has long been legend.

From his first postings as archaeologist, liaison and map officer, to fighting alongside guerrilla forces during the Arab Revolt, journeying more than 300 miles through blistering heat to capture Aqaba, to his involvement in peace conferences that decided the future of the Middle East, Lawrence gave over his life fully to this land and its people. An unhappy outsider in childhood, in Arabia, Lawrence found a home. But as he grew in notoriety and proved his worth to his Arab comrades, his Turkish enemies set their sights on his capture.

A legend in his own lifetime, Lawrence’s epic story has always been ripe for the retelling – but Ranulph Fiennes is no ordinary biographer.

Leading Arab troops into battle on the Arabian peninsula in a war fought fifty years later, Fiennes too discovered the wonders of these far-flung lands and the people who live there, and is one of very few who can claim a true insight into the kind of life that Lawrence lived – bold and adventurous to the end. With detailed access to records and an in-depth knowledge of the exploration routes and mindset of those who venture into the unknown, in Lawrence Of Arabia, Fiennes brings us at last to a true and full account of this mysterious adventurer who captivated the world.

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