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The Gladiator Mindset

Push Your Limits. Overcome Challenges. Achieve Your Goals

Adam Peaty


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From one of the best elite athletes on the planet comes a book bursting with no-nonsense advice on how to locate your inner gladiator, and first-hand wisdom to help you push yourself beyond what you thought was possible. We are all capable of locating greatness within us and achieving hitherto unimaginable feats. Whether you are old and wise or young and bursting with energy, there are limits you are imposing on yourself that this book will help you reconsider.

Adam Peaty shows you how to take more control of your life and helps you both discover and develop your talents. He shares his own ten secrets to a winning mental attitude, whether it be at home, at work, on the sports field, or within ourselves. This is an inspirational handbook for personal achievement and positive living.

THE GLADIATOR MINDSET will inspire you to find and develop your talent and have the confidence to believe in yourself. Let’s be better than we were yesterday. “Hopefully, this is a catalyst for not only Team GB but also the people back home to go to another gear, to say: ‘We’ve been through a tough time, there’s been a lot of complaining, a lot of excuses, a lot of negative things, but now we’ve got to switch our mindset.'” – Adam Peaty



Quercus Publishing



Publication Date:

2021 November 11


216mm x 140mm paperback, 240 x 156 mm Hardback



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