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Divine Might

Goddesses In Greek Myth

Natalie Haynes


Exclusive signed independent bookshop edition with sprayed edges available while stocks last
Book contains a signed bookplate

Get ready to meet the goddesses. In Divine Might, Natalie Haynes, the bestselling author of Stone Blind and Pandora’s Jar, introduces us to the stories of the Greek goddesses. As fearsome, powerful and beloved as their male counterparts, it’s time to look beyond the columns of a ruined temple to the awesome power within

We meet Hera, who, whilst most often known for enacting vicious, creative revenge on the women – mortal or otherwise – who catch the wandering eye of her husband Zeus, turns out not to be such a villain after all.

We meet Demeter, a mother who will go to any lengths, no matter the cost, to retrieve her daughter Persephone from Hades’ clutches. We’ll be introduced to The Furies, three women who will literally go to the ends of the earth to enact bloody vengeance but who, surprisingly, are the goddesses who can teach us the most about the way we live now. Examining the role of these goddesses and more, Divine Might will change everything you thought you knew about our most ancient stories.

Full of fire, fury and devotion, Natalie Haynes brings the divine women of Olympia kicking and screaming into the modern age.


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Paperback; 196 x 130mm



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