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Beyond Supervet

How Animals Make Us The Best We Can Be

Noel Fitzpatrick


Limited number of signed copies available while stocks last
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In this inspiring, uplifting and heart-warming memoir, world-renowned veterinary surgeon Professor Noel Fitzpatrick shares some of the most personal and powerful tales ever from his life as The Supervet. Picking up from where previous work How Animals Saved My Life left off, Noel shares the moving, heart-warming and often surprising stories of the animals that he has treated in his remarkable career. As he explores how our relationships with animals can bring out the best in each of us, we meet some of the wonderful animals he has tried to help, the families who love them and the deeply personal challenges Noel has faced along the way.

It is animals like these who have taught Noel the valuable lessons of Love, Hope and Faith – lessons that have sustained him in his life beyond being the Supervet. This is the remarkable story of one man and the animals he has saved, animals who have – in turn – saved him.



Orion Publishing



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Hardback; 240 x 156mm



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