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Call me Red

A Shepherd's Journey

Hannah Jackson


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The Red Shepherdess grew up in the Wirral, and hadn’t set foot on a farm until she was 20-years-old. But she’d always loved animals and on a visit to the Lake District, she saw a lamb being born and had a light bulb moment – a burning desire to succeed as a farmer – and never looked back.

Hannah gives us a unique insight into farm life and the values it has taught her.In this uplifting and inspirational memoir, Hannah shares how she broke the stereotypes of her ‘townie’ beginnings, took risks and faced up to the challenges of being a young woman in a male-dominated industry, and followed her heart to become the Red Shepherdess. But behind the beautiful landscape, talented sheepdogs and eye-catching red hair was a steep learning curve. The physically and mentally demanding conditions she faced as she chased her dreams to build her own Cumbrian farm taught Hannah the values the holds true, including community, leadership, patience and resilience.





Publication Date:

2021 March 2, 2021 March