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The Pukur

D.K. Powell


Local Author

In The Pukur, 12-year-old Sophie Shepherd is orphaned after a motor accident and left physically and emotionally scarred. Recovery is slow and Sophie is withdrawn and fragile. She is dumped in rural Bangladesh with an uncle she didn’t know existed, who she hates, and who doesn’t want her. While the pukur inexplicably brings peace to her uncle it confronts Sophie with her demons and she finds her fate is entwined in its dark depths. She slowly comes to terms with grief, loss, and an alien culture and she and her uncle learn how to accept one another and find a way through their troubles. Ultimately, Sophie finds friends and allies in the strangest of circumstances and learns that first impressions can be wrong.

The Pukur, by Ken (D K) Powell (who was Deputy Head of Music at Whitehaven School for eight years) is set in Bangladesh. The novel is very much informed by his own experiences as he and his wife Vikki have lived between Cumbria and Bangladesh for over twenty years.

Since he originally moved to Cumbria in 2000 from Cambridge, Ken has become well known as a writer – he has three other books , including a photography book of Bangladesh – and he has featured on BBC Radio Cumbria’s Life Stories. His talk for TEDx Whitehaven, organised by his former pupil, Luke Richardson, has received almost 45,000 views on YouTube. He is also a trustee for Triple A (All About Autism), based in Cumbria.





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Paperback; H:210 x 148mm