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Cockermouth Floods – 19 November 2009

David Ramshaw


Cockermouth was badly affected by the floods which hit Carlisle in 2005, but little was heard in the media at the time as the flooding in Carlisle was so devastating.

That was said to be a ‘once in a 100 year’ flood. Unfortunately in the third week of November 2009 unprecedented rainfall fell over the West Cumbrian Fells on already saturated ground.
The rivers Cocker and Derwent, which meet in Cockermouth, just could not cope with this deluge and on the night of Thursday 19th November both rivers burst their banks causing massive flooding throughout West Cumbria.
Cockermouth was very badly affected and this book provides a pictorial record of thet devastation using photographs taken by the Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team and other local people at the time.


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Publication Date:

2009 December


148mm x 210mm paperback



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