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Barrow-in-Furness Through Time

Gill Jepson


Barrow-in-Furness in 1845 was a small village of less than two hundred souls, yet within forty years its population had risen to 60,000. It became a hive of Victorian enterprise and industry and gained an almost frontier reputation, coining the nickname “the Chicago of the North”.

It benefitted from the inception of the Furness Railway and the discovery of iron ore, leading to the ship building which Barrow is famous for. The town itself grew quickly and was planned with straight wide streets and attention to modern living. The setting for the town is still semi-rural and the coastline and views towards the lakes are stunning, even including the haunting ruins of the medieval abbey of St Mary. Barrow, as a post industrial town has had to show innovation and the will to adapt and change. Interesting buildings have grown from the ashes of industrial shells, for example the Dock Museum, which was built over a defunct Victoria graving dock. Others have merely been adapted or changed use, such as the Edwardian Technical College, which is now council offices and an Arts centre.In this book, author Gill Jepson has captured the unique nature of Barrow and celebrates the Victorian town which is still so visible amidst the growth and change of the last century and a half.





Publication Date:

2016 July


Paperback; 235 x 165mm




Photographs throughout

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