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Telling it Like it Was

Dent, Sedbergh and district in living memory

Anthea Boulton, Veronica Whymant


What was life like in the Dales just two or three generations ago,in the days of the horse and cart, candles and Tilley lamps, milking, shearing and gathering hay by hand?

Over the pasttwenty one years the dent and Sedbergh Oral History Society has recorded interviews with a hundred local residents from all walks of life. The result is a unique and captivating portrait of a community in transition from traditional ways to mechanisation and modernity.


Dales Historical Monographs

Publication Date:

2015 September


Paperback; H:238; W:168;




Paperback; H:238; W:168; 208p.; 16 black and white photographs and 14 linotypes