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Plumbland And Gilcrux Heroes Remembered

1914 - 1918, 1939 - 1945

Derek Nash, Alex Proudfoot, James M.Robinson


The ‘Heroes Remembered‘ series attempts to preserve the legacy of those whose lives were lost during the two World Wars and whose names are commemorated on war memorials in various locales.

This edition focusses on memorials in Plumbland and Gilcrux, and, through extensive and meticulous research in libraries, archive centres, cemeteries and personal accounts, brings to life and pays tribute to the legacy of the 23 people who lost their lives in those two most awful conflicts – their family backgrounds, homes, jobs and the sad circumstances of their deaths.

What emerges is a vital piece of social history and a touching portrait of lives taken so tragically and unnecessarily;  a reestablishing, rehumanizing element to such a cruel and  dehumanzing phenomenon as war.





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Spiral-bound; 300 x 220mm


Colour photographs throughout

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