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Cumbrian English

William & Betsy Bell


Important though it is for Cumbrians near and far to remember their roots with the sight and sound of dialect words and phrases, it also gives them provenance of who they are and where they have come from.

It is hoped that the many visitors to Cumbria will want to retain a memory of this dialect also, which is the purpose of this little glossary.
Cumbrians have inherited an interesting and diverse dialect that is unique. Its purest form is clearly that of the central core of the hills and valleys but has, at its perimeters, been greatly influenced by the counties of Lancashire, Yorkshire, Durham, Northumberland and Scotland.
Before the arrival of the Roman emperor Hadrian, the people of Cumberland belonged to a Celtic Carvetii tribe who later joined up with a bigger Iron Age tribe called Brigantes. They spoke a form of Brythonic Celtic that was known as Cumbric.


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Publication Date:

2008 August


93mm x 160mm stitched paperback



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