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Full Moon Lunarantics

Dark exploits in the Lake District

John McCarthy


Packed with inspiring photographs, entertaining stories, strange ideas and expert advice, this book is so much more than your essential guide to exploring The Lake District at night. Follow the laughter and the learning as John McCarthy and his lunarantic friends head out on over 80 howling exploits as they climb, canoe, cycle, swim and eat cheese in and on the Cumbrian lakes, rivers, mountains and sea. Find out why they have done this every full moon for the last eight years.

The book explores the reasons they embark on these monochrome monthly meanderings and aims to inspire you to gather your own clan to explore your local environment under the light of the moon, regardless of where you live. If you are even vaguely interested in strange goings-on in the dark, this book is aimed at you.




JJMoffs Independent Book Publisher



Publication Date:

2021 April


Paperback, 210 x 210mm