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The Price and Pain of Migrant Poverty

Allan Sharman


Based on original research, this important book delves deeply into the impacts of the 19th Century migrant crisis in Cumberland and Northumberland caused by mass movements of famine-stricken people from Ireland and Scotland.

Reading the details of the condition of the migrants when they arrived in Whitehaven and Carlisle and as they moved around the North is utterly harrowing, and the quotations from newspapers, Poor Law, Guardians, the police and some parish priests, of hostile attitudes towards them are truly shocking.

As we in Europe face large scale contemporary movements of people caused by wars and poverty in the Middle East and Africa, we see in some quarters of our societies, some sections of our media, and some parts of our politics the same dehumanisation and segregation at work as confronted the Irish and Scots nearly 180 years ago.

It is a very sobering read not just as history, but for our times.


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Paperback; 230 x 160mm