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The story of the Century Theatre 1947-1983 Blue Box


Alan Hankinson


The idea, which was born at the end of the War, was to create a theatre which would take its plays to the people in the old manner but without the old disadvantages of inadequate facilities, draughty auditoriams, flea-ridden lodgings.

The theatre would be completely self-contained. The actors would be able to work on a familiar stage where they felt at home. The communal life would make for teamwork.
So the theatre was built and went on its travels and commanded astonishing loyalty from its performers, from its audiences, and from the changing group of unpaid enthusiasts who worked to keep it going. The Blue Box Theatre fulfilled its mission in post-war Britain. It eventually came to rest in Keswick and, after resolute service over many years,it emerged transformed as the Theatre by the Lake.
This edition of Alan Hankinson’s classic account is published on the tenth anniversary of Theatre by the Lake.





Publication Date:

2009 August





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