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Tales of Old Cumbria

William Amos


Cumbria, the modern combination of Cumberland, Westmorland and Furness, has a great wealth of stories from the past. Some are ancient legends such as the story of Claife Crier who terrorised boatmen on Lake Windermere; others are drawn straight from the pages of history, with fresh insights on famous characters and local customs. Together they bring to life moments of drama and mystery, romance and courage.

Who was said to be the biggest liar in all England? Is there a town concealed below Great Unswick Tarn? What was the silver and yellow monster seen above Barrow in 1911? Who was the villainous bigamist who married pretty Mary Robinson from Buttermere? And did anyone in Kendal administer rat poison to James Gilpin, and if so, who?

William Amos has spent most of his working life as a writer and journalist. Until recently he was editor-in-chief of five county magazines including one covering Furness. He lives near Ambleside and has long had an interest in local stories.


County Tales Series



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Paperback; 215 x 138mm




Black and white illustrations throughout